One BIG and three SMALL

A rhyming children's story about sharing, friendship... and cheese!

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What's it all about?

Four mice gather to feast one night, but one greedy big mouse decides he should eat all the cheese for himself, and quickly falls out with friends.

Left to eat crumbs and mouldy old bread, the smaller mice are determined to take action, even if it means waking up the big scary cat...

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About the Author

Matthew loves bringing stories to life. With experience in screenwriting, Matthew took his hand at writing short stories for children after working as a Kindergarten teacher in Europe. Matthew hopes that this book will teach young readers the power of sharing and the value of friendships.

Matthew lives with his wife in Prague, Czech Republic. He treasures his time with family, travelling the world, writing stories, and building web applications.

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About the Illustrator

Cong works as a freelance illustrator. With a passion for visual storytelling, Cong works mainly in the film and media industry, and has only recently branched into children’s book illustration. He has collaborated with many independent writers.

He has a young nephew who happily receives a copy of every one of the books he worked on. Cong currently lives in Kent, UK with his husband and their imaginary cat.

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“This is one of my classroom's favorite books”

- Aurica's Little Stars

“A great moral message whilst also hilarious and witty”

- Sam Cullen, teacher

“The illustrations and the facial expressions on the mice are humorous and adorable”

- Jess Croft, children's book blogger

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